Your Biggest Skin-care Mistakes – Solved!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Your Biggest Skincare Mistakes – Solved! 

We are going to talk about everything from over exfoliating to over-moisturizing!

Who’s ready?

Having perfect skin is at the top of just about every women’s wish list but despite all the knowledge we’ve gained over the years from TV & Magazines, friends, and dermatologists, we still don’t seem entirely sure how to achieve that flawless complexion.

Mistake #1 – Trying to scrub away acne

Acne roots down to a dietary issue and occasionally due to hormones. Washing your face often will not get rid of acne. Instead of scrubbing your face attempt to washing it gently with a foaming face wash that is designated to lift dirt without irritating the skin. If you feel you must use a scrub, try to use one that has round oversized beads not rough particles. Rough grainy scrubs can cause irritation to the skin to the point it will overproduce oil.

Mistake #2 – Putting on sunscreen once a day 

One of the biggest mistakes we make is trusting that sunscreen will last all day.

The truth is no sunscreen lasts more than four hours. Regular sunscreen use is even more important if you are treating your face with retinol or alpha or beta hydroxy acids or even getting peels or microdermabrasion – ALL of which can leave skin more sensitive to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

The solution is applying sunscreen more often. The label may say 30SPF but spreading just a thin coat over your skin will give you only a fraction of the protection. Utilize a higher SPF if you are able to, and reapply multiple times daily

Mistake #3 – Not reading labels

Reading the fine print on products is essential, particularly if you have oily, blemish-prone skin or suffer from rosacea or topical allergies. Look for moisturizers, sunscreen, and foundations that are clearly marked “oil free” or “noncomedogenic”.

The same rule holds true for those with dry skin, you need oil so you don’t want to invest in a product meant for acne-prone skin.

Mistake #4 – Ignoring skin from the neck down

I'm sure you all heard of the saying “alligator skin or snake skin”? Very unattractive to say the least but there’s more than that aesthetic reason.  The skin is a barrier designed to keep out bacteria When the skin gets excessively dry and itchy, scratching can introduce infection. The best defense is adequate moisture. When you get out of the shower every day apply a layer of moisturizer on damp skin to seal in water.

Mistake #5 – Picking at acne

It’s the dirty little secret that so many of us share, the inability to leave out skin alone. This is the worse skin care offense of them all and yet we cant stop popping, squeezing, and picking. Is a very difficult habit to break, but you need to figure out the times and places where you tend to pick at your skin the most and break that ritual. Maybe it means tossing out your magnifying mirror or putting a lower-wattage bulb in the bathroom light fixture or maybe you just need to remind yourself that you can cause your skin to break and than you have a mark on  it for the next two weeks OR you will have a scare that's with you forever apposed to leaving it alone UNTOUCHED and it will be gone in two weeks.

Mistake #6 – Assuming that more is better

More is better may apply to things like using sunscreen and eating vegetables, but when it comes to caring for your skin it's usually true that less is more. Chances are that if the product label reads “once a day” you’re going to cause problems by using it more frequently.

In fact, you can worsen your skin’s condition by causing extra irritation. The same holds true for trying too many products at once. Just because retinol and hydroxy acids can be beneficial for the skin doesn’t mean you should start slathering the on several times a day OR even every day. Not only do you need to build up your usage of such ingredients gradually but you should also never try more than one new product at a time.

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