You Are Enough

We want to talk about negative self talk here. As women we can sometimes be our own worst critics,always picking our own reflection apart and comparing our personal features or lifestyle to someone else.

Addressing how we think about our own physical appearance can be a touchy subject. All too often we catch ourselves in a chat talking about how "I wish I had this color eyes" and then someone chimes in with "Well I wish I had your length of hair"... and the list goes on and on about talking about what we DON'T have physically. It can oftentimes seep into our body size and weight too.

Here's where our own thoughts come into play. The fact is, what we think we look like plays a much bigger role in how we interact with the world than how we actually look.When we feel like we don’t look the way we should, we project that to others and almost invite them to think the same things about us (while also feeling bad about ourselves). It’s amazing how powerful it can be when we choose to embrace and celebrate what we look like and who we are.

But what if we were to look up and actually reach out to help one another?

Lend a helping hand when we see our fellow sister struggling? And on the other end- how about accepting that help with open arms and unafraid of being talked about behind your back? That type of support can be there, ultimately starting within each one of ourselves.

The next time you catch someone starting to speak negatively about another woman, mother, friend, etc- take that step back and be the one to speak up and say "hey, let's move on" or "maybe she's having a bad day, let's give her some grace" We all know we have had bad situations we have gone through, and having others talk about it behind your back is not any type of support.

We all have struggles- but the thing that we have to remember is no matter where we are in our journey of life we are enough! You are enough does not mean that you are a final version of yourself. We are permitted to constantly be evolving into a different person. I think you would be kidding yourself if you were to say you are the exact same person you were a year ago. We've all made changes and that is totally ok because YOU- You are Enough!