What is Perfect Keto Collagen?

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

What Is Perfect Keto Collagen?

Keto Collagen is a perfect blend of both MCT’s and collagen.

Both of these ingredients are some of the healthiest fats and proteins you can consume, which is perfect if you’re eating a low carb, high fat Keto diet.

If you’ve ever struggled finding foods that are Keto friendly while you’re pressed for time, this is the perfect supplement.

So what exactly is collagen?

Collagen is a type of protein that has become widely popular because of how effective your body can absorb it. It makes up 25% of our bodies protein content and helps with soft tissue repair.

If you have never heard of keto collagen before, you’re in for a treat. Once you learn more about it, you’re going to wonder how you’ve been on the ketogenic diet for so long without using it.

Collagen helps with:

  1. Building healthy DNA

  2. Digestion

  3. Detoxification

  4. Rebuilding of tendons, joints, cartilage, skin, nails, and hair

  5. Energy production

Here are the ingredients included in Perfect Keto Collagen:

  1. 5g of MCT oil powder (to slow the absorption of protein)

  2. 10g of collagen

  3. Cocoa Powder (for natural sweet flavor)

  4. Stevia Leaf Powder (for natural sweet flavor)

The macronutrients per serving are:

  1. Calories: 80

  2. Fat: 4g

  3. Protein: 10g

How and when you could use Perfect Keto Collagen:

One of the main selling points for us is how perfect it fits into any part of our day.

We have mixed Keto Collagen with bulletproof coffee, and sometimes just water. It honestly makes whatever your drinking taste better. Bonus points is you don’t have to use a blender to mix it either! WIN!!

Our personal favorite is mixing keto collagen with our bullet coffee its absolutely delicious!

Many people like to start with half a scoop and go from there. Be careful not to consume too much when you are first starting, you want to work up to moderate amounts.

Top Reasons to Start Supplementing with Perfect Keto Collagen:

  1. Tastes amazing and you have several choices in flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Salted Caramel & Unflavored for those of you that don’t do well with sweets.

  2. No artificial ingredients. We only purchase products that are completely natural and our body thanks us for it. It’s completely clean, there’s no soy, dairy, gluten, or artificial sweeteners in it either.

  3. Perfect for the ketogenic diet. Unlike other supplements that may have hidden carbs or protein powders that may kick you out of ketosis, Keto Collagen has the perfect macronutrient ratio that supercharges your ketones.

Here is a special link for you to try any flavor of the Perfect Keto Collagen and any other products your interested in!

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**We are NOT doctors but if you have any questions we would be happy to help just send us an email though our website and we can give you some recommendations of what has worked for us personally.

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