We asked Fit Moms... How do you do it??

Laundry, cooking, cleaning, driving to this appointment, that activity, this activity, grocery shopping... whew!

Being a Mom is not an easy task!

And try to throw in a dedicated fitness routine to that as well? It seems next to impossible at times!

We asked two moms from our online community just HOW do they do it?

Check out the interview below!

You can find Kiana on Instagram under her handle @keto_ki!

Her tips about getting your kids to want to exercise are :

#1 Tip for getting my kiddos active:

Make it fun! Physical activity doesn’t have to be a chore. Showing my kids the fun side of getting active has been great! Going on hikes, bike rides, and playing sports they love. (We’re also very competitive, my boys love to compete with one another). Even when they see me enjoying my workouts though, the’ll tag along or want to jump on as extra weight to help mom. When we love something, we’re more likely to keep doing it. 

You can find Bridget on Instagram under her handle @ketofitwithbridget

Her tips about getting your kids to want to exercise are:

First and foremost you have to be a role model for your children. If they see you exercising then they're more likely to want to do it. They know exercise is beneficial for them and important to their dad and I. 

For the little ones its as simple as playing outside for about 30 minutes daily instead of sitting and watching of T.V. Trampolines are excellent and fun for everyone. If you have kids over age 14 they can come to the gym with you, or join along side you at home. I Also encourage my kids to play school sports they enjoy. 

We get the kiddos gifts that are fitness related- Basketballs, jump ropes, roller skates, hoola hoop, skate board, racket ball set.

Fitness should always be fun! Not a chore. My 2 favorite things to do is have a dance party with the kids and go for a family walk after dinner.

Make it fun and they will look forward to their daily "workouts".

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