Polka Dot Paper Plates

Have fun and develop fine motor skills with your toddlers making polka dot paper plates!

We spray painted some plain paper plates black to begin with, and then got to work on the different colors!

What you will need:

Assorted construction paper (variety of colors)


Non Toxic School Glue

Paper plates


Using various round objects, cut a circle pattern out of the construction paper. We used a water bottle to outline one size, a juice cup for another size, and a large round candle for the other.

Have an assortment of colors available.

Using the glue, make a circular pattern on the plate. Show your toddler how to place the circles down, one on top of the other.

They will easily adhere to the glue.

Repeat with various colors of the circles until the plate is full.

Say the colors to your toddler as you place them down together, so they associate the different colors at the same time.

See how many colors they remember as you move onto the next plates to design together.

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