Nootropics- Why Take them and what do they do?

Did you know Perfect Keto makes their own Nootropics? As natural supplements, nootropics improve memory, creativity, motivation, learning ability, increased attention span, and overall cognitive potential (to say the least). Seen as holistic as opposed to a pharmaceutical cure, nootropics strive to create stronger bonds between neurons in the brain that allow you to reach a higher level of understanding and effectiveness in any situation. But... what can Nootropics for YOU personally? Here’s a short list of the most impactful effects nootropics can have on you and your daily performance needs. Activate Natural Energy One of the most well-known ways to keep up a natural energy throughout the day is to spend at least an hour working out. Those of us who work 8-12 hours per day wonder how anyone has the time to get out and be active after spending our whole lives sitting in front of a computer. Nootropics naturally enhance your energy flow no matter what your daily routine may be. Optimize Focus Taking cognitive enhancers allows an elongated and increased ability to focus on the task at hand without the side effects of most prescription drugs. No sweaty palms or inability to eat and sleep, just a way to optimize your able mind to its capacity. Increase Motivation With an increase in motivation, nootropics can further enhance your focus and help you reach new levels of strength and endurance unimaginable before. And the best part? Nootropics strengthen connections between neurotransmitters to ingrain a new height of mental and physical ability. Long-term memory When a nootropic stimulates the brain, it allows multiple neurotransmitters to set off at once causing them to work in tandem. This is how long-term potentiation is maximized. In plain terms, there is a better chance of long-term memories forming because your brain is enhanced to gather more data than otherwise. Short-term memory Nootropic stacks contain multiple vitamins and amino acids to trigger your body to work at an optimal level. Some amino acids used to stimulate the brain to increase energy and motivation also increase chemicals that activate short-term memory gain and retention. When your brain is enhanced to reach new levels of optimization, all areas are affected. Creative Thinking Nootropics function as an enhancement to all brain power, including creativity. When your brain is working at a higher power, it increases your ability to think deeper into new possibilities. Innovation is a key factor in everyone’s lifestyle, and keeping a fresh perspective of everything is necessary for success. Brain Fog Do you ever find yourself staring at the computer screen and realize you haven’t accomplished anything? After a long day of work or at the gym, it’s hard to keep your mind focused on the task at hand. Nootropics reduce brain fog so you can push through that midday mental break. Perfect Keto brand  Nootropic combines a blend of herbs, BHB, grass fed collagen alongside MCTs to create a delicious flavor combination as well as to make extended fasting periods easy for those desiring to do so. We blend a scoop into our coffee in the morning and it keeps us going! It’s something wonderful to add in when you’re under a deadline for work, school project completion, or even just as a new mom who may have not gotten the best nights sleep! Try out Perfect Keto Nootropics today and let us know what you think!

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