National Autism Day- Our Interview with Autism Moms

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

In honor of National Autism Day, we wanted to dig in a little closer to those in our community and see what it's like to have a child that's on the spectrum.

We interviewed Becca & Llakel who both shared their heartfelt stories with us.

Watch their full interviews with us on the daily smiles, struggles, and advice for all of us looking in and wanting to know the right words to say.

Llakel's son Garrance is now 20 years old. She shines such a bright light on how much love he gives to their family. Their nickname for Garrance is "guy smiley". He holds absolutely no social bounds, and is always saying hello to any and everyone.

Some of his favorite things to do include listening to music, anything computer related, and he loves all Nickelodeon shows!

Llakel shares how her younger daughter has really opened up Garrance's development as he loves to play with her and they are both learning together.

Check out our full interview below:

Becca opens up about her experiences with her 14 year old daughter Sophie who is on the spectrum. She shares how Sophie has a love for being barefoot outdoors and singing at the top of her lungs! Sophie is one of 5 children and loves structure and has an unbreakable bond with her oldest brother.

Becca's advice to share was captured wonderfully in this interview below:

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