Mother's Day Craft- Hand print Bouquet

Items needed:


Construction Paper in assorted colors, make sure to have yellow for the flower "petals)

Pipe cleaners

Scotch Tape


Trace out 12 (or however many amount you want your bouquet to be) hand prints of yourself or your kiddos!

Use different colors.

For the flower "insert" you will need 12 strips of yellow construction paper cut into the size of 3'X2" rectangles. Using your scissors cut thin strips 3/4 of the way down to "fray" the paper.

Like this:

Roll up the frayed piece into a cylinder shape, but first adhere with a piece of scotch tape to the tip of the pipe cleaner:Continue rolling around the tip of the pipe cleaner and secure at the base with another piece of scotch tape

Using the bottom of the cut out hand print, wrap it around the scoth taped part of the flower "petals"

Secure with scotch tape.

Using your scissors, "curl" the tips of the flowers very gently like you would with curling ribbon.

Repeat with all handprints, arrange together and give as a memorable gift!

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