Mom’s Night Out

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Mom’s Night Out

Every mom loves being around their children, but there comes a time when we all need a break. When you’ve finally found a date that works, your friends are coming and your spouse is able to watch the kids, you can’t waste an opportunity to spend a night out. 

Before you start talking yourself out of it, remember that both you and your family will benefit when mom has some time to herself. You will feel freedom and your children will experience a happier and relaxed mama. 

Check out our list of some great Mom’s Night Out ideas to inspire you to get out of the house, and some that are done at home (kid free of course!)

1. Wine & Painting

There are tons of studios these days that offer affordable painting classes and will teach you how to replicate a famous piece of artwork, all while enjoying some adult beverages! You get the added bonus of having a personalized piece of art for your home. Check Groupon for specials in your local area!  

2. Movies

When’s the last time you got to sit back, relax, and watch a movie that wasn’t made by Disney? You can if you go to the movies on your next Moms Night Out! None of your mom friends are going to care that you will be sitting for 2 hours and NOT talking. You can catch up after the movie. In the meantime, kick off your shoes and relax!

3. Cooking Class

Get your girlfriends together to do a fun cooking class! Even the most “non kitchen” fan will enjoy the company and who knows- you may have a hidden skill set uncovered! 

4. Self Defense Class

In this day and age it’s not something we all want to think about is having to protect ourselves but it is certainly a reality! Attending this type of class with your girlfriends will make it a fun yet still educational experience!

5. Spa Day

Check your local Groupon for deals- you will find a lot of high end resorts running specials for a spa day. Oftentimes this includes full use of the pool for the day, so plan to stay poolside and relax with some lowcarb beverages and enjoy!

6. Pinterest Party

Get together and do all of those “DIY” projects you have pinned on your Pinterest Boards!

Some of them may come out fabulous, and others total fails- but all the more laughs to be had!

7. Pajama Day TV Show Marathon

Pick a house for everyone to meet up at and bring their favorite snack!  You can make it even more fun by assigning a theme, like Christmas in July! Binge watch your favorite show all while lounging around in your comfy Pjs and sipping hot cocoa!

8. Mani & Pedi Day

Call your local nail spa and see if they offer group packages. Oftentimes you can get a break on the pricing with a group of 5 or more during their slow time.

Take the day to get the deluxe mani and pedi!

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