Mental Health Tips!

Times are pretty confusing right now is a definite understatement.

We may find our situation to be pretty overwhelming and wallowing in feelings of total helplessness.

Trying to stay on top of mental health is key! Having a routine, eating healthy, and talking to your loved ones are some great things to always do.

Here are some things that work for us:

1) Mindful Meditation

Meditation on the regular is so incredible for your mind! Allowing that "alone" mind time can help you rearrange your thoughts for the day. If you aren't sure how to do meditation there are some great guided ones on YouTube. Find one that works for you!

2) Getting outside for some Vitamin D

Ever wonder why feeling sunshine on your skin in itself is enough to put you in a better mood?

Every tissue in the body has vitamin D receptors, including the brain, heart, muscles, and immune system, which means vitamin D is needed at every level for the body to function.

Vitamin D activates genes that regulate the immune system and release neurotransmitters (ex: dopamine , serotonin) that affect brain function and development Researchers have found vitamin D receptors on a handful of cells located in regions in the brain-the same regions that are linked with depression.

3)Making a list of Daily "To-Do's" the night beforehand

Knowing what you need to do before the day even begins is a great way to keep any type of worrying at bay. Sometimes the day may throw different curve balls at us and we can forget what we needed to accomplish. Having a clear outlined list we produce the night before helps keep you on track.

4)Sticking with a Routine

Having a daily routine even while you are "off schedule from the norm" is very helpful to keeping your mind clear and focused. Knowing what your day entails can help alleviate feelings of helplessness or worries about the "unexpected"

Having a healthy workout routine, or a daily walk to start the day is a great way to start! Make sure to factor in daily tasks to keep housework at bay and also meal prep easy!

5)Video Chatting with Friends

Set up a virtual video hang out day! Maybe you and your friends had a show you like to watch together! Can you video while making a fun easy recipe together? What about just having a cup of coffee face to face?

There's a great opportunity to keep those connections alive right now!

6) Setting up for a fun Holiday!

Halloween in May? Why not! Pick a fun holiday theme to celebrate for the week! We have seen some people opt to put up Christmas lights to enjoy in the evening, and even a themed monthly Christmas tree idea! There's lots of fun craft projects you can do at the same time to keep up with the holiday ideas

7)Start a book club!

Agree on a book to start with your close friends! Do a vitrual book club meet up with a glass of wine (or sparkling water!) and discuss!

Picking up a book to read is a great way to keep your mind muscles flexed, and sharing it with friends just makes it even more enjoyable.

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