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An easy way to get a full body workout in while at home is using a kettlebell!  Kettlebells are available in a variety of weights.  If you are just starting out, a 8-10 pound is an ideal starting point to get accustomed to the moves. You can always increase weight as you become more advanced, or just increase your reps. 

Kettlebell exercises often involve several muscle groups at once, making them a highly effective way to give your arms, legs, and abs a great workout in a short amount of time.

You can create a full-body workout using just kettlebells, or you can pick and choose specific kettlebell exercises to add to your strength training regimen.

  • According to Harvard Health, kettlebell exercises can also help improve your posture and balance.

  • You typically use your core muscles more with kettlebell exercises than with dumbbells or barbells.

  • A kettlebell workout is affordable and easy to do anywhere. All you need is one or two kettlebells, and enough room to do the exercises.

Here are some of our favorite exercises we like to do with kettlebells: Kettlebell Goblet Squat  To do this exercise:

  1. Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart and your toes pointed out slightly.

  2. Hold a kettlebell with both hands around the side of the handle, not from the top of the handle, and keep it close to your chest.

  3. Slowly bend both knees so that your thighs are almost parallel to the floor. Keep your elbows locked and your back straight.

  4. Using your leg muscles, with your upper body still, straighten up to your starting position.

  5. Repeat 6 to 8 times. Perform 1 set to start, and work up to 3 to 4 sets as you build up your strength.

Kettlebell Shoulder Press To do this exercise:

  1. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart.

  2. Hold a kettlebell by the handle so that it rests against the outside part of your shoulder. The palm side of your hand should be facing your chin.

  3. While exhaling, push the kettlebell upward so that your arm is almost straight.

  4. Slowly lower the kettlebell to its starting position, keeping your wrist and forearm in a neutral position and your elbow close to your body.

  5. Do 6 to 8 repetitions with one arm, and then switch arms. Aim for 1 set with each arm to begin. Try to work up to 3 to 4 sets for each arm as you become more advanced.

Russian Twists To do this exercise:

  1. Sit with your legs bent and your feet flat on the floor.

  2. Holding the kettlebell handle with both hands, lean back so that your torso is at about a 45-degree angle to the floor.

  3. With your heels a few inches above the floor, rotate your torso from right to left, swinging the kettlebell slightly across your body.

  4. Rotate from side to side 6 to 8 times.

  5. When you’ve completed your repetitions, return to your starting position.

  6. Do 1 set to start. Try to work up to 3 to 4 sets as you build your fitness and strength.

Kettlebell Walking Lunges To do this exercise:

  1. Stand with your feet together.

  2. With both hands around the handle, hold the kettlebell close to your chest. Alternatively, you can hold a kettlebell by the handle in one or both hands, with your arms at your sides.

  3. Slowly step forward with your left leg, bending your knee while keeping your right foot in place. Make sure your left knee doesn’t extend over your toes.

  4. Pause for a few seconds, then push your body upward, and bring your right foot up next to your left foot.

  5. Continue alternating legs with each lunge. Shoot for 1 set of 6 to 8 reps on each leg to begin. Aim to do 3 to 4 sets as you build up your fitness.

Kettlebell Swings To do this exercise: 1. Stand with feet set wider than shoulder-width and bend your knees to grab the kettlebell with both hands. 2. Drive your hips, keep your back flat swing the weight up to shoulder height. 3. Return to the start position and repeat without losing momentum. Kettlebell Snatch To do this exercise: 1. Holding a kettlebell in one hand between your legs, squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. 2. Drive upwards through your hips and knees and as the kettlebell rises to shoulder height, rotate your hand and push it upwards until your arm is locked out. 3. Squat down and return the weight to the start position. Repeat with one arm, then swap sides. Getting in a kettlebell workout is a great way to combine strength training alongside cardio! You will definitely get your blood pumping! 

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