DIY Floral Headband

Create your own beautiful floral headband with a few simple steps!

Hobby Lobby & Michaels have such a gorgeous collection of Spring Floral and they always have  online 50% off coupons.

Materials needed:

Spring Florals

Glue Gun & Hot Glue

Head band elastic or lace (you can find this in the fabric department, they have all kinds)



Beads, pearls, buttons (anything you could find that you like)

Start by pulling all the petals off of the plastic piece that attached the flower together. Then play around with stacking all the separate pieces to find a shape you like.

Start by gluing the petals largest to smallest one on top of each other. Every time you glue down a new petal, try to position it differently than the petal below to make sure the flower would look full. When all the petals were glued down adhere a pearl down in the center (you can use any bling in the center that you like).

Then glue the felt square or circle to the back of the flower.

Now it's time to attach your band.

You're going to add a line of hot glue and attached each side of your band as pictured below. Once attached add a little more glue around the edges than add the next piece of felt on top. Press down with some pressure to make sure it closes well.

You just created a beautiful headband to wear for any occasion!

Size Chart

0-3 months - 11-12"

3-6 months - 13-14"

6-12 months -15-17"

Toddles - 16-18"

Child- 17-19"

Teen - 18-21"

Adult 20-22"

***If you're making a headband for a small child we suggest sewing in a fancy button in the center instead of using glue to avoid any type of choking hazard***

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