Classic Corned Beef & Cabbage

Here's a great way to make a corned beef brisket, in a fraction of the time using your Instapot!


1 corned beef brisket (3 to 4 pounds)

1 corned beef brisket seasoning packet

2 yellow onions, peeled and cut into quarters

4 cloves of garlic, whole

2 cups radishes, washed and ends trimmed and sliced in half

2 carrots peeled and cut into 3" pieces

1 medium head of cabbage cored and cut into quarters

2 1/2 cups bone broth

2 raw sausages, bratwurst style (cut into 3" pieces)

*If you do not have a seasoning packet mix up your own with the recipe below**

2 tablespoons coriander

2 tsp. peppercorns

1 tablespoon mustard seeds

1 teaspoon anise seeds

4 large bay leaves

1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes

2 tablespoons coarse ground pink Himalayan salt


Place onions, garlic, radishes, carrots in the instant pot then add the corned beef

Add the cabbage, sausage, bay leaves and the seasoning packet that came with the corned beef on top.

Pour in the bone broth.

Close the Insta pot lid and press the pressure cook button. Turn the dial to beef and set the timer to 60 minutes on medium heat and click the dial again to set the timer.

It will alert you once done, let rest for 15 minutes and serve.

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