Camping While Keeping it Low Carb!

Summertime is just a few days away and to many of us, that means a summer camping trip!

While camping can be a fun experience, sometimes it may SEEM difficult to stay on track with a lowcarb way of eating while experiencing the outdoors.

We've put together some easy "on the go" snacks that are some of our favorites!

1)Stoka Bars

2)ChocZero chocolate bark (Code ketocollabs saves you 10%)

3)Jerky (check out our awesome recipe HERE)


5)Salami (unrefrigerated style)

6)Assorted nuts

7)Hard cheeses

8)Eggs (eggs are actually fine kept unrefrigerated)


10)Homemade baked strawberries (check out our how to HERE)

You will be able to stay on track while enjoying the great outdoors this summer!

Now let's start planning where to go!

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