20 Minute Full Body Workout

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Make time for a full body workout in just 20 minutes!

This routine incorporates heavy hitters for every major muscle group, but doesn't waste time on isolation exercises - if you have 20 minutes, do you really want to spend precious moments pumping your biceps or another muscle the size of an apple?

With a brief time frame, it's better to hit as many muscles as possible in one lift with compound exercises.

Be sure to properly warm up.

We like to start off with 20 Frankensteins, 10 hip hinges, and 10 walking lunges to wake all those muscles up!

In between supersets, rest for 30 seconds, perform either of the cardio exercises, then rest another 30 seconds.

Here we go!

Deadlift: 3x 6-8

Burpees or Jump rope 30-60 seconds

Bent Over Rows 3x 6-8

Shoulder Press 3x8, Superset with Lat Pulldown 3x8

Ab Exercise of choice (Sit up or Reverse Crunch x 25)

Plank 30 second hold 3x

Ensure proper Muscle Recovery with a  foam roller at the end and be sure to hydrate!

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