Your Balanced Living was born out of a passion for a healthy lifestyle which we -Liane and Natalie- both pursued to address personal health challenges.


Little did we know, our desire to better ourselves and our families would spark the birth of a contagious following. Breaking free from the archaic teachings of the food pyramid is a huge undertaking. Thousands of people enter this lifestyle daily, and realize the key to unlocking the intended inter-workings of their own body.

Reaching out into the "diet" community, we see the need for a sound background where HEALTHY is the overall goal.

Getting away from so much of a "good food" vs "bad food" mentality, and into a healing and healthy mindset.

Having a platform where we encompass that in every aspect of daily life is why we are here!

At Your Balanced Living you will find recipes, mom tips, fashion finds, workouts, family crafts, skincare advice- and so much more. 


Together we have not only found a calling in the online health community, but bring to the table combined experience in the hospitality industry of 35 plus years. We have perfected substitution of ingredients, as well as the use of particular products within recipes.  


Also with a licensed background in skin care and extensive experience in body calisthenics,we have the expertise to present an unlimited variable of possibilities of a healthy lifestyle.

We hope you join us in our on going journey to healthy- from the inside out! 

~Liane & Natalie